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09-14 00:31

09-14 00:31

I straightened my posture and became relaxed at first, so I could concentrate so much.But I felt urinary intention so much in the middle.#zen #zazen #ZenOto https://t.co/SYSZ1bovzA
09-14 13:38

Solar prices jumped in the second quarter, reversing recent trends, on material costs and supply chain issues https://t.co/0hY0b5LQ9N @PippaStevens13 We need renewable energies to reduce emission of CO2.But how will we reduce costs of solar panel?#solarpower #solarenergy
09-14 15:36

House Democrats propose new tax hikes to pay for their $3.5 trillion bill: Here are the details https://t.co/7YCTLxz7pz Will the time that America take more tax from rich people come?But it's difficult to persuade lawmakers of Republican.#taxes #Democrats #Biden
09-14 15:49

House Democrats propose new retirement plan rules for the rich, including contribution limits and a repeal of Roth conversions https://t.co/pb7ZsXdF01 I invest 401k investment(iDeco).But I understand that Mr.Biden wants to take tax from rich people.#401k #iDeco #Biden
09-14 19:16

RT @yutori0102: 令和になってるのに武田観柳がガトリングガンでラッシュの早さ比べしてなんか良い話っぽく〆た今月のるろ剣、やりたい放題か? https://t.co/I5NI5rYKx6
09-14 19:59

るろ剣北海道編の『ガトガトガト』って宝塚版剣心の逆輸入だそうだけど。#るろうに剣心 #るろうに剣心北海道編 https://t.co/rMPMMZaEG2
09-14 20:03

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