tkt05809月03日の天気:厚い雲 最高気温21度 最低気温18度ツイート数:5(前日比:-2)RTされた数:0(前日比:0)受け取ったリプライ数:0(前日比:-2)いいねされた数:0(前日比:0)
09-03 00:31

09-03 00:31

I straightened my posture, so I could concentrate so much.My posture is important for concentrating.#zen #zazen #ZenOto https://t.co/SYSZ1bovzA
09-03 11:23

I’m going to the dermatology.#diary
09-03 14:51

Japan's Nikkei 225 jumps 2% as Prime Minister Suga bows out of governing party's leadership race https://t.co/4hee5rDszRIt’s unbelievable.Did people judge Mr.Suga won’t be able to win the election?#Nikkei #SugaYoshihide #PrimeMinister #Japan
09-03 15:50

A political crisis in Italy is 'always next door,' Ambrosetti CEO says https://t.co/OUy8xAAoWwItalian politics is also unstable.But will Mr.Draghi resolve the problems of both political stability and COVID?#Draghi #Draghidimettiti #Mattarella #Italy #italyisburning
09-03 15:56

RT @CarloCalenda: Come si fa a non voler bene a #Draghi. Essenzialmente ha detto ai partiti giocate pure, se fate meno casino è meglio, ma…
09-03 15:58

RT @giangoSGV: #Draghi : "a breve , si all'obbligo vaccinale"(A ogni conferenza stampa molla manate a Salvini come se non ci fosse un dom…
09-03 15:59

RT @all_gray_ue3: 1000イイネ突破おめでとうございます😍
09-03 18:24

RT @kashikodori: 出た、野性の公式
09-03 18:25

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