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04-25 00:21

04-25 00:21

RT @Trill_bit: Trillbit one-touch login using sound. What if your watch or phone can help you login in a single touch. Trillbit SoundAuth…
04-25 09:42

RT @vkhosla: I'm willing to fund hospitals in India that need funding to import bulk planeloads of oxygen or supplies into India to increas…
04-25 09:42

RT @joncoopertweets: A Swedish engineer has created a suit that helps people with Parkinson's disease and stroke get rid of tremors using e…
04-25 09:43

It’s wonderful.#Parkinsons #parkinsondisease https://t.co/eRsHyoTkry
04-25 09:43

I will take the test of #TOEIC.#test
04-25 13:47

I finished the TOEIC test.Will the score be more than 610?I’m not confident about listening.#TOEIC #test
04-25 17:15

https://t.co/rEzHmTPXao I'm scared about something.Is it fear that the TOEIC score will be less than 610?#TOEIC #fear
04-25 21:53

The TOEIC score of my acquaintance is higher than me.In his case, what will he do?How has he improved his score of TOEIC?#TOEIC #English
04-25 21:58

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