tkt05804月24日の天気:厚い雲 最高気温16度 最低気温11度ツイート数:36(前日比:+27)RTされた数:0(前日比:0)受け取ったリプライ数:1(前日比:+1)いいねされた数:2(前日比:+2)
04-24 00:24

04-24 00:24

I’m in the Hachiman Shrine.This is a wild boar, the god beast of it.#photography #photo #HachimanShrine https://t.co/gB2snIAQ9j
04-24 10:48

"Your parents paid one million yen because they had made the idiot like you.By yourself, be prepared for reparation of one million yen value too!"(by Kaoru Ushijima in the Yamikin Ushijim-kun/Ushijima:the loan shark)#quote #comic #comics #YamikinUshijimaKun https://t.co/s2HlrWkIrs
04-24 13:29

"Let's do the duel with the rest money.I won with 2,000 yen! as I anticipated!Let's become the pachi-pro!Let's get the qualification of the practitioner in acupuncture and moxibustion with accummurating the money too."(By Nobuhiko Ikeda in #YamikinUshijimakun)#comics https://t.co/STWuohluqN
04-24 14:57

Over $200 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market in a day as bitcoin plunges below $50,000 https://t.co/5heMp7bt5F I understood that #CapitalGainsTax will effect the value of cryptocurrencies.For forward, will the investor, including me, be more struggled?#Biden #CNBC
04-24 16:20

RT @pnadimi: Wow, only 0.32% of American taxpayers made over $1 million. Judging by the uproar over the proposed #CapitalGainsTax on Twitte…
04-24 16:23

Many Americans are struggled for their poverty.Mr.Biden wants to help them by taking more tax from wealthiers.The investor including me will have more pain.#CapitalGainsTax #Biden #TaxTheRich #BidenAdministration #capitalgains #Capitalism https://t.co/C0I4aWIelS
04-24 16:28

After practicing the TOEIC test, I healed my eyes with meditation.I could concentrate so much.#zen #zazen #ZenOto https://t.co/SYSZ1bovzA
04-24 17:25

RT @gupmihoniumu: リクエスト頂いたエプロンミポりんです!久々の自炊に戸惑うなかトドメの着信攻撃です!#ガルパン https://t.co/ctMcxPeapk
04-24 17:29

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