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04-08 00:25

04-08 00:25

My urinary intention became stronger.I couldn’t concentrate very well.#zen #zazen36分坐禅 x 365 #ZenOto https://t.co/SYSZ1bovzA
04-08 11:18

Australia says it will continue rollout of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine https://t.co/IJc0OxjqBBIt's naturally because the benefit of AstraZeneca vaccine is more than defect.#AstraZeneca #astrazenecavaccine #astrazenecaserious #astrazenecalawancorona #COVID19 #CoronaVaccine
04-08 12:57

California billionaire’s real estate firm to begin allowing tenants to pay rent in bitcoin https://t.co/D9ryPLFke9 But bitcoin is inconvenient to the payment device.Because the commision is more expensive.#Caruso #RickCaruso #Bitcoin #realestate #TylerWinklevoss #Gemini
04-08 13:03

RT @houseofhuerta: Hearing that Rick Caruso either tried or did somehow hire the national guard to protect his malls? Can anyone speak to t…
04-08 13:06

RT @Disneyfan9523: I Also Had A Wonderful Time With My Mom At The Americana At Brand In Glendale By Caruso! And I Love Their Fountain Show…
04-08 13:06

RT @lalovestrump: #RECALL @MayorOfLA ". I think our local officials failed. Our protesters. I think our local officials failed the small…
04-08 13:07

RT @PeterSchiff: If Facebook can issue a crypto currency backed by fiat, they or another company can just as easily issue one backed by, an…
04-08 13:08

RT @CoinsCapture: “Bitcoin is starting to resonate with the world. If you pay attention, you can feel it.” - Tyler Winklevoss#Bitcoin #cr
04-08 13:08

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