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01-21 00:21

'36分坐禅 x 365 (56/365)' - 禅を修めました。 #ZenOto https://t.co/SYSZ1bovzAI should notice my breath when I’m doing #zazen.I shouldn’t concern about the other problems.#zen #zazen
01-21 11:17

I handed over the shares of the #OjiHoldings and #JPOWER, which had been selling credit.I lost money, but I thought it's studying.#investment #investors #sellingcredit #handover #stock #StocksToWatch #StocksToBuy #EquityisLove #EquitySaveOurStaff #equityrushchartbook
01-21 11:56

RT @BioPlusNano: Origami from a cellulose nanofibrils film- sweet! #Ojiholdings https://t.co/xHaBY3Mezg
01-21 11:57

RT @PRI_News: Investors: insufficient management of company supply chains in private markets could expose you to natural resource depletion…
01-21 12:00

RT @BorisJohnson: Congratulations to @JoeBiden on being sworn in as President of the United States and to @KamalaHarris on her historic ina…
01-21 17:42

RT @narendramodi: My warmest congratulations to @JoeBiden on his assumption of office as President of the United States of America. I look…
01-21 17:44

RT @AmbCuiTiankai: Congratulations to President Biden on his inauguration! China looks forward to working with the new administration to pr…
01-21 17:46

RT @iingwen: My congratulations to @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris on your inauguration as @POTUS & @VP. We wish you and your administration ever…
01-21 17:49

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