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07-12 00:22

07-12 00:22

RT @bukkuriP: ノンナ チャイナドレス(製作途中ラフ) #garupan https://t.co/CkyaJ5PoMi
07-12 09:09

'24 minutes Zazen x 30 (12/30)' - Thank you, well done! #ZenOto https://t.co/4oGus4c9BPI couldn’t become intensive.#zen #zazen
07-12 09:35

RT @yoro_shi: ルーチェさんの祭壇御神体は、お餅ぺったんバニーガール紬ちゃん https://t.co/coagm7N0be
07-12 17:04

"I do whatever I can do, what?Don't kidding!I work hard and have many stress, and I can't rest even in my home.I have only 30000 yens every month, so I can't resolve my stress!"(Yutaka Kobori in the "#Ushijimatheloanshark)#ushijima #comic
07-12 17:05

I'm 33 years ordinary adult, but my own time is only 1 hours with jogging, so I can't go to the cafe.Every day, every day, for what do I work?My job is anxious, boring and only tiring, so I have no hope.(Yutaka Kobori in the #Ushijimatheloanshark)#comic #comics
07-12 17:06

"I can't quit it even if I want to quit it, because I must feed my family.But you had no thanks to me, squeezing me as much as possible.Only "it's naturally", your word is."(Yutaka Kobori in the #Ushijimatheloanshark)#comic #comics
07-12 17:08

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