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12-19 00:26

12-19 00:26

RT @nanashirogorou: カルパッチョ誕おめ!!真冬だって南の島でバカンスしていいですよね! https://t.co/X6FZ1nJDBg
12-19 08:02

#Influenza is expanded more than the average years.The model number of the vaccination is often different to them of influencing factly.The consequence is so?I have sore throat now and don't want to have influenza subsequently.#インフルエンザ #インフルエンザ予防接種
12-19 08:11

RT @SteriInc: Did you know that viruses and bacteria can live 2 or more hours on surfaces like cafeteria tables, doorknobs, and desks. ht…
12-19 08:15

RT @FHIClinical: Researchers have discovered a key reason as to why the #influenza virus is so effective at establishing infection and caus…
12-19 08:15

RT @pqlaurie: @MarthaShepard1 @Bella2Gia @BobA1959 @RepAlGreen had one that brought tears to my eyes even though I have seen that photo a m…
12-19 08:15

RT @pharmacists: The @CDCgov reported that at least 1,300 people have died from #influenza already this season, including 10 children. Det…
12-19 08:16

In #America, #Influenza is expanded in west and east states, except for #Alaska .But America has no system of everyone insurance, so people is vaccinated in the private pharmacy, and some child become worse by vaccination, I heard.#CNN #インフルエンザ #インフルエンザ予防接種
12-19 08:31

RT @sumomopurinsaki: ガルパッチョ誕生日四コマ漫画!もう一本! https://t.co/PV21tw43md
12-19 17:26

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