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RT @hirondo2: いよいよ明日は唯誕ですね(*'▽'*)♪皆様お祝いの準備はいかがですか~?唯誕イラスト、完成しましたよ。0時が待ち遠しいです。まだ時間があるので過去イラスト、upしますね。~唯ちゃんと新快速 2013年4月作画~ https://t.co/Ua1
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RT @SaxonHealth: "There’s a good chance your ‘clean, safe’ office environment contains a cocktail of toxins, germs and other nasties which…
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RT @SaxonHealth: Myth #6: Being Healthy Means Being Pain-Free.Truth: Pain is a sign of being alive, but it doesn’t mean that you are unhea…
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RT @SaxonHealth: A diet that is rich in lean protein sources is essential to rebuilding physical strength and well-being. Limiting caffeine…
11-27 02:53

I'm innate #ADHD .What My emotion fluctate noisily is defect, but also merit.My anxiety whether I will be able to survive made me begun #investing and #crowdfunding easily.#personality #investment
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RT @RamoniDaGodess: I have $22 to my name and your RT could really help me find my way. I live in an abusive house, I pay bills to stay in…
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RT @Tonpa2: If you like #crowdfunding #promotecomics on #indiegogo or #Kickstarter do Follow me here on Twitter I post #promotecomics im…
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RT @hirondo2: 唯ちゃお誕生日おめでとう~!!!これからもずっと愛してるよ~♡#平沢唯生誕祭#平沢唯生誕祭2019 https://t.co/LoWC360dTT
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