tkt058今日の天気:曇り 最高気温23度 最低気温17度ツイート数:14(前日比:+12)RTされた数:0(前日比:0)受け取ったリプライ数:0(前日比:0)https://t.co/GEBH7y5k9M
10-03 00:38

RT @daxz240R: 過去絵、ローズヒップ。 https://t.co/dU3rBFdy7H
10-03 07:18

"Banks devoured middle-and-small companies in the Bubble era, and they devour consumer finances and their customers now."(By Ushijima Kaoru in the #YamikinUshijimaKun / #UshijimaTheLoanShark )#comics #Comic
10-03 07:47

RT @Key64631937: 最強のメインヒロイン「加藤恵」の1番好きなヘアスタイルは何ですか? https://t.co/HY0Oawh10k
10-03 07:47

RT @w7kogane: 👓(差分あり) https://t.co/0aYoviW7CX
10-03 08:52

"Who make the rules are the strong persons.It's who have much money and authority.The strong persons make the rule to be fit to them.So, the weak persons always take the disadvantage."(by Kaoru Ushijima in the #yamikinushijimakun / #ushijimatheloanshark)#comic #quote
10-03 08:54

RT @ma2_Matsu: まどかお誕生日おめでとう🎂自分も過去絵ですが https://t.co/k6y7vLQuwW
10-03 08:56

RT @MBSquarE3: It’s never too late to put your phone down, pickup your dreams and start soaring! #skyisthelimit #model #photography https:/…
10-03 14:46

RT @gobbbgo: オイラはシャーペン派なのだけれどしっくりくる芯になかなか出会えない。このuniは今のところ一番かも https://t.co/NkrKLtDCdK
10-03 22:02

This is the article of the Gohmanism Declaration/ #ArrogantizmDeclaration by #YoshinoriKobayashi.It has more than 30 years since the Bubble's collaptation.But both the past and present is no different about "#Karoshi(the dead of overtime work)"#comic #quote #働き方改革 https://t.co/7r450P9aH5
10-03 22:07

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