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Our biggest fans this week: erravitanwer, JunChan45800371. Thank you! via https://t.co/mFs881jAHR https://t.co/PolgHGxWse
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"Women before the World War were modest.They received their own fates.They had neither their human rights or knowledge, and they were silence, even if they were overided and were made a plaything by men."(by Skipper in the #yamikinushijimakun) #comics #comic #quotes
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RT @shenaexcel: トレンドに #イヤッッホォォオオォオウ ってあるけど秋山殿かな? https://t.co/4mS9JM6nEf
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RT @kanaoa_: イヤッッホォォオオォオウって聞いたらゆかりんを思い浮かべてしまう本当はヒャッホーだけど https://t.co/PEqz2eqHF2
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"How about you?The past women fought in their pain and despair, draining blood and tears, so you've got many rights and freedom, but you only flow to easier and easier way.You are the dirty woman to play prostitutes despite you became more 40."#Ushijimatheloanshark #quote
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RT @baru9800: フォロワー1200人ありがとうございます!記念イラスト「なんかTLで見かけた流行ってるヤツ」!#律梓 https://t.co/dvoJ3Xt03D
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My week on Twitter 🎉: 2 Mentions, 2 Likes, 2 Retweets, 5.19K Retweet Reach, 2 Replies. See yours with https://t.co/JEFeKHMcFQ https://t.co/IlHeA6jsEx
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I think that the Kongo 4 Sisters are similar to the Hokuto 4 Brothers.Is it only me?#Kongo4sisters #Hokuto4brothers #Kancolle #FistOfTheNorthStar #KantaiCollection #HokutoNoKen #金剛四姉妹 #北斗四兄弟 #艦これ #北斗の拳 #ア艦これ #漢体これくしょん https://t.co/8NRWjuAthN
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