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09-29 00:32

09-29 00:32

RT @tknmtknm1: 今日は久しぶりに外食です。 https://t.co/g6gE1O7hXW
09-29 09:44

RT @Mugi0702k_on: 黒板に京アニ、けいおんへの思いが、びっしりと( ≧∀≦)ノ過去にここまで書かれた事があったであろうか…消してないだけかw https://t.co/AEGK7DciKW
09-29 09:44

“The party-junkie.The friendship conformation disease.Their talking in the party is the story of the past party.The junkie, never can escaping if they addict at once.”(By Kaoru Ushijima in the #yamikinushijimakun / #Ushijimatheloanshark)#quotes #comic #ushijima #quote
09-29 12:38

It's dead end if addict.They fear to be underestimated by others, so they tell nobody their own real intention each other.With the face of the friend, they use others and find the weak point of others each other.(by Kaoru Ushijima in the #yamikinushijimakun)#comic https://t.co/51E0nj2KJC
09-29 15:50

They want to only maintain the present position, and only live to be remarked in the party.(by Kaoru Ushijima in the #yamikinushijimakun)#comic https://t.co/TnOourX01X
09-29 16:24

RT @gobbbgo: ガルパンまんが「ビューティフル・ドリーマー」#ガルパン https://t.co/YNpa3CIfuS
09-29 16:26

"Many people rely on us,but inversely, if we rely, we will be end in this world.Immediately, we will be devoured."(by Kaoru Ushijima in the #yamikinushijimakun / #ushijimatheloanshark ) #quotes #comic https://t.co/StDJF3flax
09-29 17:24

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