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09-18 00:26

09-18 00:26

RT @ayamy_garubinu: レムchu💋 https://t.co/YrWXiEFGS9
09-18 05:02

麻薬、貿易戦争の火種 トランプ氏「中国が密輸元」:#日本経済新聞 https://t.co/EeMWjXQBADBut #PurduePharma, the maker of the opioid medicines, became bankrupted.Nevertheless, will opioid dependences in America increase?#オピオイド #パーデューファーマ #drug #opioid
09-18 11:56

RT @DoctorChrisVT: In one of the most disgusting episodes of corporate moral failure, #PurduePharma have declared bankruptcy because of law…
09-18 12:23

RT @SnootyFood: While the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, make off with billions. We just lost 3 more young men to overdose deaths…
09-18 12:23

RT @scott_springer: sue every member of the #PurduePharma board individually. Drive each person who has profited off the opioid crisis int…
09-18 12:23

RT @TwitterMoments: The pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy on Sunday. https://t.co/5iCNNJ4imo
09-18 12:24

RT @ifuaskmee: These MF's are filing bankruptcy to prevent paying those lawsuits for fueling the opioid crisis. #PurduePharma https://t.co/
09-18 12:24

RT @PennyLe27114461: I've known for decades the poison of OxyContin. We as individuals have no understanding of pain management. We just wa…
09-18 12:24

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