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05-25 00:29

福祉大国論 米で急浮上: #日本経済新聞 https://t.co/SuUchGv7oPIn #Japan, “#netouyo(the right-wingers person in the internet)” always attack the #socialisticcountry.But young Americans prefer to the #socialism.It’s surprising and ironic.#BernieSanders2020 #BernieSanders #POTUS
05-25 12:32

RT @affluencekana: 15ドル(1650円)の最低賃金が設定された州カリフォルニアニューヨークマサチューセッツニュージャージーイリノイメリーランド今日新たにコネチカット4年前には一つの州にもなかった #FightFor15 #Bernie2
05-25 12:34

RT @BernieSanders: States that had passed a $15 minimum wage four years ago: ZeroStates that have passed a $15 minimum wage now: Califor…
05-25 12:34

RT @affluencekana: この孤独感はどこから? #HSPセルフケア #HSPセルフラブhttps://t.co/XwwlGkT9t7
05-25 12:34

RT @JonReinsch: On Japan’s Okinawa, U.S. military is accused of contaminating environment with hazardous chemical https://t.co/MVHFDtUUaD
05-25 12:34

RT @FactsBernie: Since @politico is back on its (frankly anti-Semitic) bullshit, we made this handy dandy graphic that gives a little persp…
05-25 12:35

RT @Vg_Camilaa: For those of us who believe in radically transformative political change, the choice is already clear – #BernieSanders is t…
05-25 12:35

About my job, I consulted my job supporter with #handicappeddevelopmentBut good idea was nothing.Near the #miyagiprison ,perhaps I will be taken care of it, I was in a daze for 15… https://t.co/ZZaYDhOfkd
05-25 19:16

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