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05-16 00:23

05-16 00:23

RT @nekootatu: 久々の唯イラ完成(*´꒳`*)背景は先日豊郷行った時撮ったやつです(・ω・)ノ今年の内はこのタグ付けてくぞぉ〜(*´꒳`*)#けいおん10周年 https://t.co/d8dvtJfMC7
05-16 07:13

I become used to work as a pharmacist.But the social contains “give and take”, which means interdependence.Can I support others enough?#job #pharmacist #hospital #work #diary #DiaryNote
05-16 09:19

I saw what my father was reading the book “stop the investment”, written by #HirokoOgiwara.My father has continued buying the stocks, so it was very strange.Ms.Ogiwara said “investment is gamble.”#investments #荻原博子 #投資なんかおやめなさい #diary
05-16 12:06

Not only #HirokoOgiwara , most Japanese think that #investment is the gamble.But western think that investment is “#ANIMALSPIRIT”, which means passion or ambition.I’m violent temper, so I’m comfortable to think investment as animal spirit.#荻原博子 #投資なんかおやめなさい
05-16 12:14

RT @dicobarbosa: Meu #ANIMALSPIRIT todas as manhãs: https://t.co/BeNdd0Mfr5
05-16 12:17

RT @pgim: The future of technology investing lies beyond the tech sector. From energy to real estate to retail, the implications for invest…
05-16 12:17

RT @CatMamasDotCom: Cats do seem to glide between worlds somehow, don't they? #animalspirit #beautifulcats https://t.co/IezBEdFNQ9
05-16 12:17

RT @_emilywayland: In an age where magick is trendy; I avoided getting back into it in fear of being labeled as an “Instagram witch.” My pr…
05-16 12:18

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