RT @StocksNCrypto: Trading Room, FREE training classes & Live Trades....TI's Trading Room is excellent way for you to learn from long tim…
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RT @mTradingMedia: Was there ever an inverted yield curve w/o a US recession?Yes, from Dec 1965 to Feb 1967.(Note - there was, however,…
03-24 10:02

You don’t have to become the number one, you are basically the only one?NO KIDDING!The only one is the number one, who is the expert in the field.(#kenjiSakuragi in the #dragonsakura/ #thecherryblossomsofthedragon)#comic #comcs
03-24 10:06

RT @MarcoSuid: Pretty bad week for the #FAANG’s with Europe flexing its muscles through regulatory means. The accusations are not unfounde…
03-24 13:04

RT @stannabozny: The Big Five FAANG Stock and Sector Service is now posted for Sunday https://t.co/bihMz399my
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RT @option_snipper: #FAANG closed this week in very different situations. $amzn <1778, $nflx <366 both below key levels. $fb >164 $googl >1…
03-24 13:04

RT @option_snipper: ES pulled up 500 pts from low then failed at key 2866 level. weekly sure looks like a lower low set up. monthly still g…
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RT @ChainTANA: Nagasawa Masami #DragonSakura http://t.co/UGjA8Uzx
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