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RT @takapon_jp: 予防医療普及協会やってて思うのはほんと、放射脳の力が強いって事。なぜそんなに情熱をかけるのか理解できないほど。マスコミの中にそういう人だが多いのもよくわからん。なぜ日本の予防接種は欧米と比べると遅れているのか? (医療政策学... https:…
11-14 07:53

RT @takecareofUUU: Don't Live your Life as if there's another 1 waiting for U.Take Chances.Take Risks. Life's too Short for Regrets#TA http…
11-14 08:43

RT @takecareofUUU: Be the person deep down you know U really are. Not the person U play to please others. Be Yourself. It's OK. You're Awes…
11-14 08:43

RT @takecareofUUU: You can lead a person to Knowledge, but you can't make them Think.#TA https://t.co/p5KTQwFG89
11-14 08:43

RT @takecareofUUU: It doesn't matter if the Glass is half Empty or half Full. In the end it will only matter what U do with the Contents.#T
11-14 09:09

RT @takecareofUUU: Face your fears & your fears will soon disappear. It's time to address head on whatever is holding U back. You will win…
11-14 09:09

RT @takecareofUUU: Happiness Doesn't mean we live a Worry Free Life. It simply means we Adapt, Adjust & are Lead by our Dreams, Not by our…
11-14 09:09

RT @A_rimaki: 現在は澤梓ちゃんとウサギさんチーム多めでガールズ&パンツァーの漫画や絵を中心に描いてます。投稿した絵の厳選まとめhttps://t.co/g87SJIiSjo 同人誌の通販はメロンブックスさんにお願いしてますhttps://t.co/rv
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